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5 Reasons for tattoo removal

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In the course of my work, I’ve come across many reasons for a tattoo removal.

It seemed like a good idea at the time….

Some people get their tattoos because their friends were getting one at the time. These are often hastily chosen designs and sometimes inked in obvious places, done by amateurs because cost is a major factor when you’re a student. Fast forward a few years and your tatts no longer look so cool, especially when they start to bleed out.

It looked different from the pictures…

I’ve often been asked to remove tattoos because pictures don’t often translate well onto skin, especially when you have to ink it on a curved surface like your arms or thighs.

Change in religion…

People do change their beliefs over the course of time. Some protective (Thai Buddhist) talismans may no longer be in line with their current thinking.

I was a different person….

Some choices that we make are probably best left in the past. I get asked to remove tattoos from ex-gang members. The tattoos come in all shapes and sizes with the most common being dots on the knuckles and hand or even forehead.

Change in life partner….

I don’t recommend you tattoo names on your body. The person you are with might seem the world to you right now but if things go south, that special someone’s name will stay on you (potentially) for a long time. I’ve been asked to laser off many names in the course of my work.  


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