Hydrafacial® Treatment Singapore

Deep Hydration For Your Skin

As skin cells age, their ability to repair and regenerate begins to deteriorate, which may result in visible skin issues such as wrinkles and sagging. Exosomes, which are produced by stem cells, contain biomolecules that are vital for skin function and are significant to the regenerative process – which is why they are now used in rejuvenating exosome skin treatments.

At Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics, our non-invasive exosome treatment for skin is designed to deliver the regenerative benefits of exosomes directly into your skin for a restorative boost. Our technologies and expertise empower us to support you in effectively addressing your unique skin needs.

How Hydrafacial® Treatment Works

A professional-grade skin hydration treatment that combines several procedures to remove dead skin cells, extract impurities and provide deep hydration, Hydrafacial® is designed to address various skin issues and revitalise your skin.

Using patented technologies such as vortex fusion, this treatment is performed via device for deeper penetration and lasting results. It begins by opening the pores for a deep cleansing and peel exfoliation to reveal new skin, after which impurities are extracted through gentle suction. Finally, the skin is saturated with intense hydrating and moisturising serums.

Refreshing and soothing, the Hydrafacial® treatment has been shown to improve the overall appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and oily and congested skin to achieve noticeable skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone with no discomfort or recovery time.

Benefits of Hydrafacial® Treatment

Deeply Hydrated Skin

Our Hydrafacial® treatment cleanses the skin thoroughly of dead skin cells and debris, then suffuses the new skin with deeply moisturising solutions that reduce the appearance of fine lines and support more supple, elastic skin.

Improved Skin Clarity

Hydrafacial®’s patented vortex fusion technology uses a gentle suction action to effectively unclog pores and remove impurities for a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion.

Reduced Appearance of Acne

With thorough cleansing and robust hydration, the Hydrafacial® treatment helps acne patients reduce the appearance of acne and prevent the condition from worsening.

Improved Skin Tone
Whether it is discoloured skin or sunspots, the Hydrafacial® treatment can reduce and/or remove the evidence of sun exposure on your skin for a more even facial skin tone.

Hydrafacial® Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care

  1. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen daily.
  2. Discontinue the use of retinoids or exfoliating products for a few days prior.
  3. Avoid undergoing chemical peel or invasive laser treatments at least a week before.

Post-Treatment Care

  1. Avoid picking at or touching your skin as much as possible.
  2. Protect your skin from direct sunlight and wear sunscreen.
  3. Follow any post-treatment skincare regimen recommended by your doctor.
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise or activities that may cause excessive sweating for 24-48 hours.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Technologies

Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology and modern amenities that deliver superior results, including the ability to deliver an effective Hydrafacial® treatment for rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

Personalised Treatment Plans

We understand that each individual has unique skincare needs and concerns. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific skin type, skin concerns, and desired outcomes.

Safe & Effective Techniques

We use a specialised device to administer the Hydrafacial® treatment. The wand acts like a vacuum to effectively open and clean pores, extract impurities and deliver hydrating serums. No surgery is required and there should be little to no discomfort or recovery time.

Experienced & Compassionate Team

With a wealth of experience in Hydrafacial® treatment, we are committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your treatment – from your initial consultation to your final session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most facial treatments are manually delivered by therapists, making their effectiveness dependent on the therapist’s technique, and usually only target one or a few issues. The Hydrafacial® treatment is delivered via device, which enables replicable results, and combines several different procedures in one session for a more holistic improvement.

The hydrating and smoothing effects of a Hydrafacial® treatment can last for as long as five to seven days. However, results may vary for individuals.
We recommend completing one treatment per month to effectively target skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, oily and congested skin and more. Your doctor will be able to provide further guidance on a suitable treatment regime.
You should not feel any significant discomfort from the treatment. Post-treatment mild skin redness and tingling is common but should resolve within a few hours. If you experience any noticeable discomfort, please contact your doctor immediately.
This treatment is suitable for women and men of any age who are looking to address existing skin issues and/or improve the overall condition of their skin.
Our treatments are competitively priced, with packages available to suit varying budgets and goals. Contact us for a personalised consultation and pricing information tailored to your specific needs.


We understand the importance of knowing what you are signing up for. However, due to Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s guidelines, we are not allowed to display before and after comparisons on our website. 

We apologise for this and invite you to observe the results we have achieved for our clients in our clinic.



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