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REJURAN® is a new concept of skin rejuvenation and scar revision by delivering polynucleotide to the dermis, to improve the physiological condition of skin inside.

What are the end results?

Skin Revitalization

REJURAN® activates revitalization of the skin by promoting cell growth through favourable hydrated environment to promote fibroblast production.

Skin Normalization

Treatment with REJURAN® results in Normalization of the composition leading to the thickening of the skin results in formation of strong defense barrier against environment and non-environmental factor that cause premature aging of life skin.

Skin Elasticity Recovery

Aging and frequent harmful stimuli to the skins lead to decrease in skin fiber which results in loss of skin elasticity and drooping of its skin. REJURAN® recovers skin elasticity by filling the inside of the skin.

Skin Elasticity & Hydration Improvement

REJURAN® improved skin hydration by 14.69% and Skin Elasticity by 21.78% after the post-Rejuran treatment.

Treatment Areas

Different types of REJURAN® Series are tailored to be used for various areas of the skin area such as crow’s feet, cheeks and neck.

Different Types of REJURAN® Series

Active IngredientPN (Polynucleotide)PN (Polynucleotide)PN (Polynucleotide)
Purpose Of UsePromotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimised for thinned skin: face (crow’s feet, cheeks) and neck.Promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimised for overall face (crow’s feet, cheeks) and neck.Promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimised for deep wrinkle skin: face (crow’s feet, cheeks) and neck.
AdministrationIntra dermal injection or cannulaIntra dermal injectionIntra dermal injection or cannula
Needle Type34G x 4mm33G x 4mm30G x 8mm
Package1 mL / syringe, 1 syringe / box2 mL / syringe, 2 syringe / box1 mL / syringe, 1 syringe / box
StorageRoom temperature (23 to 27⁰ C)Room temperature (23 to 27⁰ C)Room temperature (23 to 27⁰ C)

How does REJURAN® work?

Main Ingredient of Rejuran – PN

  • PolyNucleotide
  • Extracted from Salmon
  • Long-Polymeric nucleotide

PolyNucleotide (PN) promotes favourable hydrated physiological environment that naturally produces more extra-cellular matrix (ECM) protein, resulting in the reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance.

PN: Biocompatible Substance

  • No immune response – No DNA fragment and free from antigen-antibody reaction
  • Normal tissue matrix formation – Not inducing overgrowth
  • Biocompatible substance – Proved by clinical biocompatibility test
  • Aseptic condition – Sterilization by autoclave under the high pressure & high temperature

Primary Mode of Action

The main ingredient of Rejuran, Rejuran I and Rejuran S PN (Sodium Polynucleotide) consist of long polymeric nucleotides from salmon and achieving intended use through following properties:

  • highly purified long chain polynucleotides from natural origin
  • characterisation of high water binding capacity and viscoelasticity
  • high molecular weight polynucleotide chains that easily bind to water molecues

This result in reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance of skin and tissue.


REJURAN® is a cost-effective treatment that stimulates cell regeneration for newer and younger looking skin. It is also a popular treatment method in Asia due to the huge emphasis on attaining “flawless-looking” skin. Having a healthy skin is an essential building block for any other anti-ageing and aesthetics treatments.

REJURAN® is a fairly safe treatment. It does not trigger immune response due to the purified DNA fragment content. It is also developed in sterile aseptic condition and it is biocompatible with human cells as well.

REJURAN® will be beneficial for nearly everyone, however the types of patients that will benefit most from the treatment include:

1. Patients who have sensitive and thin skin
2. Patients with fine wrinkles all over the face
3. Patients who desire newer and healthy-looking skin
4. Patients with depressed acne scars
5. Patients with large and open pores
6. Patients who does not want filler or toxin

There really is no specific preparation that you need to do. It may however, helps if you stop supplements like ginkgo, vitamin E, ginseng or glucosamine 2-3 days before day of treatment as these supplements may cause increase risk of bruising, which means prolonged downtime after the treatment.

The recommended frequency of treatments is as follow:

Every 3-4 weeks for the first 3 treatments, followed by maintenance treatment every 3-6 months

This treatment protocol has been shown to give the most optimal results but it does not mean that if you miss your 4-weekly treatment, you will not get the result. But the result may not be as long as it is intended to be.

The treatment itself usually takes about 1-1.5 hours depending on your pain tolerance level. Application of numbing cream can be varied according to your needs. The injection itself usually takes 20-30 minutes for 2mL syringe.

After the treatment, you are left with multiple “insect-bite-like” swellings on treated area. These swellings usually range in size between 3mm – 8mm. By the end of the day, the swellings would usually subside and you are left with tiny injection marks, which if you need to cover can be covered by concealer/primer or foundation. These marks usually take 3-7 days to disappear.

If you are planning to do this treatment, try not to schedule any big event/dinner for the next few days after the treatment.

Yes. However, always get your skin to be fully-evaluated by your doctor before he or she can decide if REJURAN® is suitable or if you will benefit further from combining it with other treatments.

Get started on the journey to the brand new you today!

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