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Medical doctor and Co-founder of Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics
“Over the years, it has been evident to me that my best investment is the medical practice my husband Kevin and I started. We met in medical school; we studied together and took our finals together nearly two decades ago. The beauty industry had always intrigued me, I am obsessed with clear skin and am intuitive about what individuals want. It was organic that we eventually merged our skills and interests to build up a medical and aesthetic practice, and the skin care brand. Over the last 12 years, I have seen it grow and recently, we invested in opening our newest branch in Orchard Road.Other than the obvious fact that the practice is our iron rice bowl, working as a doctor and being of service to our patients has also given me great satisfaction and contentment. I can safely say I don’t think I have ever felt that I had wasted a day at work. Our practice would not be possible without my education and thus, I would say the key to any good investment is education.I hope we can instil in our kids the importance of education and hard work that goes into building a brand.We hope that one day, our children will continue our work and improve upon it. Good skin is an investment for all as first impressions count. We hope that this would be our legacy. We also want to inspire the younger generation by interacting with them and giving regular talks, sharing our knowledge and experiences directly or indirectly via interviews, answering their questions no matter how trivial. God, family, hard work and philanthropy – let these be the pillars of your life is my advice
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