Drs. Chua & Partners is a Family Clinic specialising in family medicine, with special services in aesthetics and tattoo removal. We offer quality medical care to all: from our convenient location at Bukit Merah and Orchard Road, to the comfortable and relaxing environment, and our friendly and professional staff.

At Drs. Chua and Partners, the patient always comes first. We firmly believe in the holistic approach towards healthcare that everything is connected, rather than simply treating symptoms. This leads to significant improvements in our patients’ quality of life.

We are fully dedicated to the patient, and we value the relationships we build through exceptional medical care and personalised service. These relationships are built on our credibility as a medical care provider, and the trust that we will provide the treatments that best suit each patient.

At the heart of the clinic is the dynamic team of Dr. Kevin Chua and Dr. Iroshini Chua, accredited family physicians by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore.

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