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As many as one in four people who get inked regret their decision and want to have their tattoos removed or lightened. Whether you made a hasty decision in your youth or experienced a shift in lifestyle and/or beliefs, you should have the freedom to change your preferences. With our tattoo removal services, we are committed to helping you achieve the fresh start you desire.

At Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics, we use advanced laser tattoo removal techniques to help you lighten and remove unwanted tattoos. Our cutting-edge technologies enable us to provide an exceptional experience for you in terms of procedure functionality, duration, and comfort level.

PicoWay Treatment




How It Works

Picosecond pulse durations (one trillionth of a second) that fracture ink particles more effectively – 100 times shorter than Q-switch lasers.

Target Colours

All colours, including green, blue and yellow (the most difficult colours to remove).


All skin types

Additional Benefits

• Has the most peak power and shortest pulse duration of any picosecond device on the market.
• Covers a wider range of spot sizes and treats recalcitrant tattoos.
• Treats skin irregularities, signs of ageing, and pigmented lesions.

What You Can Expect

• Fewer treatment sessions.
• Less discomfort.
• Minimal risk.
• Fast results for various skin types.

If you are unsure whether this type of treatment best suits your needs, you can contact us for a recommendation.


We perform each laser tattoo removal session from $50 onwards. The cost will be determined by factors such as:

You may need anywhere from 2-4 sessions (amateur tattoos) to 6-12 sessions (professional tattoos).
Intervals between sessions can be as long as four to six weeks to give your body time to heal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care

  1. Completely clean the skin and shave the area 24 hours before the laser tattoo removal treatment.
  2. Keep the treatment area protected and avoid sun exposure as much as possible for at least 2-3 weeks before the procedure.
  3. Do not use products that can cause photosensitivity such as salicylic acid, retinol or benzoyl peroxide.
  4. Remove any lotion, oils, makeup or creams on the tattoo area.

Post-Treatment Care

  1. Avoid infection by keeping the area moist with antibiotic ointments that have been prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Take antihistamines as prescribed to reduce itching and refrain from scratching the treated area.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Technologies

Our clinic uses an advanced tatto removal laser system that has the ability to treat a wide range of tattoo types and colours with precision and efficiency.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Every individual and every tattoo is unique. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific skin type, tattoo characteristics, and desired outcomes.

Safe & Effective Techniques

We use high-intensity light beams to break down ink particles, which allows the body to remove the broken-down residue with minimal discomfort and downtime. The tattoo will then gradually lighten and disappear.

Experienced & Compassionate Team

With over 17 years of experience in laser tattoo removal and being widely covered by the media, we have the expertise and the dedication to prioritise your comfort and satisfaction throughout your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pulses of light from the laser will only be used to target the tattoo pigments on the top layers of your skin. We will also test your skin’s reaction to determine which is the most effective laser technology for your tattoo and skin type. Additionally, before your treatment session, you will receive a pair of eye shields to protect your eyes from the laser beams.
There will be some discomfort during the procedure, which a few of our patients describe as quick tingling sessions, much like that of a rubber band snapping against their skin. To reduce your level of unease, there will be an air-cooling machine to release continuous streams of extremely cold air during the process, as well as numbing and anaesthesia creams available upon your request. For tattoos that span a bigger area, we also provide oral painkillers. Your comfort is important to us, and these are all options that we will discuss with you before your treatment.
For most of the clients that we have treated, yes. However, we must emphasise that due to the spectrum of tattoos available in the market now (such as type, depth, colour of ink, etc.), it is difficult for us to predict how much of the tattoo we can lighten. Over-tattooing is a common method for covering up old tattoos. However, it may require extra laser treatments to remove both inks. Many tattoo artists recommend fading the old one before covering it up with a new tattoo to reduce its visibility. We welcome advice from your tattoo artist about the desired degree of lightening, and about the exact elements that should be lightened or eliminated.
Most of our clients do not report any side effects, but some may experience hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, blistering, keloids, infection and a lack of complete pigment removal. However, these occurrences are few and far between. If you do experience any of these symptoms, reach out to our team for professional guidance.
The length of each session is contingent on the size and number of colours the tattoo has. Please contact us for more personalised advice.


We understand the importance of knowing what you are signing up for. However, due to Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s guidelines, we are not allowed to display before and after comparisons on our website.

We apologise for this and invite you to observe the results we have achieved for our clients in our clinic.


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