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    Fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of firmness are all inevitable signs of ageing. While it’s impossible to turn back time, there is a practical solution to minimising these imperfections.

    Plinest, a HSA-approved skin repair injectable treatment, has captured the attention of those seeking skin rejuvenation in Singapore. Let us uncover its rejuvenating and regenerative capabilities.

    What is Plinest?

    Plinest is an injectable skin regeneration treatment designed to address visible signs of facial ageing. It is primarily made of polynucleotides (PN), which are small DNA fragments extracted from Italian trout. 

    PNs stimulate fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production, and promote skin rejuvenation and regeneration. They are obtained using a patented process called Highly Purified Technology (HPT), which ensures a pure and safe ingredient without protein contaminants. It is certified with the EU CE mark, which means it is safe and compatible for use with the human body.

    Benefits of Plinest Treatment

    Plinest offers many benefits, making it appealing for those concerned about ageing skin. Here are the key benefits of the treatment.

    Natural-looking results

    Plinest treatment is known for delivering natural-looking results, ensuring that individuals maintain their unique facial expressions while enjoying a more youthful appearance, without looking obvious that you just had treatment.

    Long-lasting effects

    One of the standout features of Plinest is its longevity. Unlike some temporary procedures, Plinest provides enduring results of six to twelve months, minimising the frequency of maintenance treatments.

    Minimally-invasive approach

    Plinest is a non-surgical procedure, eliminating the need for incisions or extensive downtime. It is an attractive choice for those seeking rejuvenation without the risks associated with invasive surgeries.

    Stimulates collagen production

    Plinest works by stimulating the body's natural collagen production. Collagen, a crucial protein for skin elasticity, tends to diminish with age. Plinest replenishes and revitalises, contributing to a firmer and smoother complexion.

    The Technology Behind Plinest

    For those curious about the technology behind the treatment, Plinest uses a combination of various technologies to deliver visible results. It involves using carefully formulated substances that work synergistically to address various aspects of ageing skin.


    Plinest utilises bio-stimulation to trigger collagen and elastin production in the skin. This process enhances the skin's natural support structure, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

    Hydration boost

    Plinest treatment includes components that enhance skin hydration, promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion. Adequate hydration is key for maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness.

    Targeted application

    Plinest is strategically injected into specific areas of concern, allowing for a customised approach tailored to each individual's unique facial anatomy. This precision ensures optimal results while minimising the risk of overcorrection.

    Target areas of treatment

    Plinest is versatile and capable of addressing various facial areas affected by ageing. Common target areas include:
    • Eyes, forehead and mouth: Plinest effectively minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.
    • Cheeks and mid-face: Plinest restores a youthful contour to the cheeks and mid-face region by enhancing volume and elasticity.
    • Jawline and chin: Plinest can redefine the jawline and address sagging in the chin area, providing a more defined and sculpted appearance.

    Who is it for?

    Plinest treatment is suitable for both men and women who want to reduce the signs of ageing on their faces. The ideal candidates are individuals who:

    Desire a subtle transformation

    Prefer non-invasive procedures

    Want to stimulate collagen production for overall skin improvement

    Willingness for maintenance treatments every six to twelve months

    Are you suitable for Plinest treatment?

    Plinest suits you if you want to prevent skin ageing or if you already have the following skin concerns:
    • mild sagging and loss of volume
    • wrinkles and fine lines
    • “Tired” looking, dull and dry skin
    • dark spots or freckles
    • acne scars
    • sensitive skin
    • enlarged pores

    Plinest treatment procedure

    The Plinest treatment procedure is a carefully curated process designed to ensure optimal results and patient comfort. Here are the steps involved.


    One of the advantages of Plinest is the minimal downtime associated with the procedure. While individual experiences may vary, many resume regular activities shortly after treatment.

    However, following post-treatment instructions is essential to ensure proper healing and maximise the benefits.

    Results Timeline

    The results of Plinest treatment are not instantaneous, as the bio-stimulation process takes some time. Typically, individuals notice improvements within a few weeks, with optimal results appearing in the following months.

    We recommend two to three sessions spaced three to four weeks apart for optimal results, extending the effects to up to twelve months.

    Choosing a qualified practitioner

    Choosing a skilled and experienced practitioner is paramount to the success and safety of Plinest treatment. Consider the following factors when selecting a practitioner in Singapore.


    Ensure the practitioner is a licensed and board-certified professional with expertise in cosmetic procedures.


    Choose a provider with a proven history and expertise in administering Morpheus8. Both Dr Iro and Dr Kevin Chua have been serving patients at their medical practice since 2007. More on the clinic here.

    Client reviews

    Check for positive reviews and testimonials to gauge the practitioner's reputation. You can often find these reviews on Google Maps, especially for aesthetic clinics like ours in Singapore.

    Plinest Treatment in Singapore

    Plinest is a promising option for those who want effective and natural-looking solutions to combat signs of ageing. Many are enjoying its transformative results thanks to its rejuvenating and regenerative abilities.

    If you’re considering Plinest treatment in Singapore, consult us at Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics. Dr Kevin Chua and his team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering results. We offer a pleasant and comfortable environment for people looking for cosmetic improvements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, Plinest is not a traditional dermal filler. While dermal fillers primarily add volume to specific areas, Plinest uses bio-stimulation to enhance the skin’s natural support structure, stimulating collagen production for a more holistic rejuvenation.

    Discomfort during Plinest treatment is generally minimal. Most formulations include a local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience. Patients may experience mild sensations during the procedure, but discomfort is typically short-lived.

    The cost of Plinest treatment can vary based on factors such as the practitioner’s expertise, the number of areas treated, and the amount of product required. It’s advisable to schedule a consultation to receive a personalised quote based on your needs.

    While Plinest is generally considered safe, like any cosmetic procedure, it carries potential risks and side effects. These may include:
    • Temporary redness or swelling: Mild redness or swelling at the treatment site is common and usually resolves within a few days.
    • Bruising: Some individuals may experience bruising, which is generally temporary and can be concealed with makeup if desired.
    • Allergic reactions: Allergic reactions to the components of Plinest are rare, although they may occur. Please discuss any known allergies during the consultation.

    While Plinest offers long-lasting results of up to twelve months, maintenance treatments may be recommended to optimise and prolong the benefits. If maintenance treatments are discontinued, the natural ageing process will gradually resume, and the skin may revert to its pre-treatment state over time.

    Plinest and Rejuran are both injectable treatments designed to improve skin quality. However, while Plinest consists of PNs extracted from Italian trout, Rejuran is extracted from salmon.

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    About Dr Kevin Chua:

    Dr Kevin Chua, together with his wife Dr Iroshini Chua founded his clinic, Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics in Singapore in 2008 after qualifying from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with a graduate Diploma in Family Medicine. 

    While Kevin actively pursues all areas of general practice, he has a special interest in aesthetics – he is certified in pigment lasers for tattoo removal, chemical peels, soft tissue fillers and the operation of skin tightening devices by Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group.

    Kevin applies a holistic approach towards healthcare with a dedication to treat the whole person rather than to merely look at their symptoms. Kevin strongly believes in the importance of providing the best medical care possible. 

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