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Drs. Chua & Partner

Drs. Chua & Partners is a Family Clinic specialising in family medicine, with a special interest in aesthetics and tattoo removal. We are devoted to comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages, and aim to provide a wide range of medical services to better serve our patients.

Our clinic is conveniently located in the Bukit Merah heartlands, making it easily accessible to patients from all walks of life. Surrounded by the lush greenery and old-world charm of its neighbouring estate, the clinic offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a comfortable environment where you can receive quality medical care.

At Drs. Chua & Partners, our patients come first, always. From our friendly professional staff who welcome you into our clinic, to personalised healthcare treatments, we aim to create an overall satisfying experience that revolves around the patient. This is demonstrated in our holistic approach towards healthcare and our dedication to treat the whole person, rather than to merely look at their symptoms. We believe such an approach will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life for our patients.

We also believe in the importance of creating long-lasting relationships with our patients, all in the pursuit of providing better medical care and personalised attention. We strive to be the medical care provider that understand your needs best, and whom you can trust to seek treatments that best suit you.

Our Doctors

Meet the friendly and capable doctors of Drs. Chua & Partners who are ever-ready to serve your medical needs. Our doctors are accredited family physicians by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore.

Dr. Kevin Chua

  • MB Bch BAO LRCP & SI (NUI)
  • Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine
  • Certified in chemical peels, soft tissue fillers, Botulinum toxin A for aesthetic application and operation of skin tightening devices by Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group
  • Certified in pigment lasers

Dr. Kevin Chua has a special interest in chronic care management, aesthetics and men’s health, but he remains interested in actively pursuing all areas of general practice.

Dr. Iroshini Chua

  • Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine
  • Accredited Family Physician by Ministry of Health
  • President of Association of Women Doctors In Singapore

Dr. Iroshini Chua has a special interest in chronic care management, women’s health, and is proactive in health screening.

Drs. Chua & Partners are helmed by a loving husband and wife team, who know only too well what “keeping the business in the family” means.

For both Dr Kevin Chua and Dr Iroshini Chua, family is everything. Family-oriented by nature, they are proud parents to two wonderful children, and one of their favourite activities to do as a family is to dine out at Japanese restaurants. They strongly believe that family values have an important and positive influence on a person’s general wellbeing; which is why they try as much as possible to emulate the family values they practise at home in their daily work. One can see that they are as dedicated to their patients as they are to each other.

Dr Kevin and Dr Iroshini have a great passion for travel and photography. They have even creatively combined these two passions into one and have produced incredible travel photography. One of their photographs even managed to raise $16,000 for charity.

But for this artistic and adventurous couple, medicine remains their greatest calling. Reflected in their strong faith and family-oriented values, they are motivated by the genuine passion to serve others, and to make a difference in the lives of others.

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