Article By: YIP JIEYING Featured on Tattoo removal expert Dr Kevin Chua weighs in on celebrity ink and tells all about lasering off tattoos, plus why trendy rainbow-hued tattoos aren’t a great idea. We live in an age where “YOLO (you only live once)” is the new “Seize the day”. But sometimes you can’t carpe diem […]

Article By: Zulfadli Y. Featured on Remember when I told you I would share with you guys something about Dr Kevin Chua’s cause? Here it is! Dr. Kevin Chua from Drs Chua & Partners has embarked on a community partnership with Singapore Boys’ Home to provide his expertise in tattoo removal to troubled youths on a pro bono basis […]

With hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and glycerine, this leaves skin velvety soft. Fine lines are smoothed away and skin regains its youthful plumpness. If there’s one skincare ingredient you need to know, it’s hyaluronic acid. This substance is found naturally in healthy skin and helps to keep it plump, smooth and well hydrated. But […]

Article By: MEI ANNE FOO Featured on Dr Kevin Chua has decided to venture beyond his clinic doors with his new eponymous skincare line. After working eight years as a general practitioner who also removes tattoos, fixes wrinkles and freezes fats, Dr Kevin Chua has decided to venture beyond his clinic doors and into […]

Featured on Love, life and parenting styles. theAsianparent talks to Kevin and Iroshini Chua, founders of Drs Chua & Partners… They could easily pass off as college sweethearts. She tugging at his shirt, their playful banter, and him looking ever-so-lovingly into her eyes. It takes you a moment before you realise that they are both […]

Article By: ASPIRANTSG Featured on Dr. Kevin Chua from Drs Chua & Partners embarked on a community partnership with Singapore Boys’ Home to provide his expertise in tattoo removal to troubled youths on a pro bono basis after seeing positive responses in a pilot project in 2016 with the Home. The pilot project grew from 11 youths asking for […]

Article By: Theresa Tan Featured on Dr Chua (above) performing a tattoo removal using the MedLite C6 laser machine at the Singapore Boys’ Home. A hose blows cold air, which helps to reduce pain at the removal site. Each year, up to 20 youths at the home ask for help to get their tattoos removed. […]

Article By: Anjana Motihar Chandra Featured on Did you get your tattoo with great excitement and now regret your decision? Or have you developed an infection or an allergic reaction to it? Removing a permanent tattoo is not a simple process. In fact, it is expensive, time-consuming and painful, and if not done properly can […]

Article By: EVELINE GAN Featured on Some consumers are turning to doctors to undo the damage of eye-related tattoos gone wrong SINGAPORE — When Ms Anzeal Tiffany paid S$300 for an eyebrow embroidery service one-and-a-half months ago, she thought it would give her perfect brows and help her save time during her morning beauty […]