A Work Week With Dr Iroshini Chua of Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Article by: Poppy Skinner, BLLNR on https://www.bllnr.sg/leadership/a-work-week-with-dr-iroshini-chua-of-dr-kevin-chua-medical-aesthetics-clinic

As we gear up to International Women’s Day, BLLNR is putting the spotlight on the female entrepreneurs who inspire us most. Take Dr Iroshini Chua for example, as well as a busy family life, she is heavily involved in charity and alongside her husband, has just opened one of the chichest and most cutting-edge Aesthetics Clinics in Singapore. Here’s a week in her life.

Read more at: https://www.bllnr.sg/leadership/a-work-week-with-dr-iroshini-chua-of-dr-kevin-chua-medical-aesthetics-clinic​

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