A Game-Changer to the Beauty Industry’s Laser Technology

Article By: Kames Narayanan
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On the topic of technology in the beauty industry, laser treatments are on the forefront of the conversation. Throughout the years, beyond its life-saving capabilities in the emergency room, it has been employed to remove hair, cataract growth in the eye, smoothen wrinkles and even out skin tones.

Amongst them is PicoWay, a system that is lauded as one of the industry’s most effective and versatile laser treatment products that exist on the market. Boasting significantly better performance than the alternatives in the market, PicoWay’s laser pulses operate in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second), while the archetypal laser is measured in nanoseconds. To the uninitiated, these small bursts of laser energy are more effective in penetrating through the skin’s layers to reach pigments that lie deep beneath.

A pioneer of the technology in Singapore, Dr Kevin Chua, from Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics​, brought the laser treatment into the country in 2016. “We decided to introduce the PicoWay laser into our clinic’s portfolio because it is the next frontier in laser technology. Its picosecond pulse enables faster clearance of tattoos and pigments as well as skin rejuvenation in only a few treatments,” Dr Kevin Chua says.

The PicoWay treatments offered by Dr. Kevin Chua overarch three main areas of expertise: tattoo removal, removal of benign pigmented lesions (brown spots) and evening out skin irregularities. Concerns that were once riddled with the complexities of permanence are with the aid of laser treatments easily treated. The powerful ultra-short picosecond pulses break up with ease large ink tattoo particles that were once difficult to separate with traditional laser methods and break large pigmentation particles to allow for an even toned complexion.

The capabilities of the treatment also go as far as undoing the traces that time leave on the skin. Increasingly, the PicoWay laser is sought out for its anti-aging potential. When heat is evenly applied onto the skin’s surface, its collagen production gets a jumpstart. In turn, nudging the skin’s repair mechanism to heal the skin and improve its elasticity. The word about town is that the PicoWay laser system is the secret to the seemingly everlasting youth of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian.

For a treatment that sounds as incredulous as the PicoWay system, one is then bound to wonder: at what cost? While most laser treatments are pegged to significant levels of pain and discomfort, the PicoWay system defers from the common expectation. Kept to a minimum, one feels little more than the snap of a thin rubber band each time the laser is fired even when no numbing cream is applied prior. With numbing cream, the pain experienced is entirely negligible. Each 20-minute session is comparable to getting a facial but with amplified benefits.

Each laser treatment session is an uncomplicated two step process. It commences with a scrub down to remove any dirt particles on the skin’s surface and subsequently, the laser beams are projected onto the skin. Upon covering the necessary surface area, a cooling cream is applied at the end of the session. Like cherry atop the cake, the treatment also requires no downtime. Do however anticipate some redness that can be easily concealed with a touch of makeup.  

Also sitting on the affordable end of beauty treatments, each session for the face is priced at S$650 and a package of four sessions at S$2,200. The prices for tattoo removal, subjective to the size of the tattoo can range anywhere from S$150 to S$2,800. 

The PicoWay technology, a game-changer to the local beauty industry, encapsulates the prowess to undo even time. “It is truly an effective yet comfortable laser that is set to become the leading laser treatment in the industry,” says Dr Kevin Chua. 

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