All you need to know about tattoos in Singapore

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Do you regret getting a tattoo? Are you a newbie to body inking or looking for something different for your next tat? From experienced tattoo removal clinics to popular tattoo artists, we’ve done the legwork and compiled this ultimate guide to getting your ink done or removed in Singapore.

Where to get your tattoo removed


Drs. Chua & Partners

According to Dr Kevin Chua from Drs. Chua & Partners, tattoo removal takes around eight to 12 laser sessions with at least four weeks in between to help the skin heal and prevent scarring. The total number of treatments needed depends on how much ink there is; older tattoos tend to require less as ink is absorbed and cleared by the body over the years.

This established clinic offers two types of lasers for tattoo removal: Medlite C6 and PicoWay. The former is currently considered the gold-standard laser for tattoo removal, while the latter is the latest advancement in laser technology. PicoWay reduces the number of required sessions to three to six, and comes with fewer side effects, too. As it is very painful to get a tattoo removed, the clinic typically leaves on the numbing cream for a longer time period before starting laser tattoo removal in Singapore. You’ll also be prescribed post-care creams and medications to help with the healing process thereafter.

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