[Blogger's Feature] Uncovering the past: Tattoo removal (Part 3)

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Hi dear readers, following my 1st and 2nd session, it is time to update you guys about my tattoo removal progress!

As usual, I applied the numbing cream that Dr Chua prescribed 2 hours before I headed down to the clinic. 2 hours is the mandatory time required for the numbing cream to take effect so do make sure you remember this step!

At the clinic, I put on the sunglasses and sat with my back against the soft white chair.

The nurse first used a cotton puff to remove the numbing cream on my hand.

Then Dr Chua took over with his PicoWay laser to zap the ink away! He described the tattoo removal process to me, telling me that in my 3rd session, a lower light pulse was used so it penetrates deeper into the skin layer. Tattoo removal is a process of reverse engineering so it would have to do be done in steps!

More about Picoway laser

PicoWay technology targets all colours, including blue and green, the most difficult colours to remove. Our recent upgrade of the PicoWay laser technology in March 2017 has made it more effective to remove these difficult colours than a traditional laser. The Resolve™dual wavelength picosecond fractional module also treats skin irregularities, signs of aging, acne scars, as well as pigmented lesions. Pigmented lesions that can be treated include: Nevus of Ota, Laser Skin Toning, Solar or Senile Lentigines, Beckers Nevus, Freckles (Ephelides), Café au lait.

The latest technology is applicable for all skin types and includes three wavelengths: 532nm, 785nm and 1064nm picosecond laser, with both non-fractional & fractional capabilities. These three different wavelength options mean that we can now target pigmented lesions and all tattoo types and colours. Ideally, the wavelength should be highly absorbed by the pigment and other chromophores in the skin should have little to no absorption of light within the selected wavelength.

This means, with Picoway you can have fewer treatment sessions, and more importantly, have to go through less discomfort. With minimal risk, I could achieve fast results for various skin types.

After zapping the tattoo, he began to work on the scars I have on my hands. Even though I did not mention about my scar at all, his keen eye spotted the marks and confidently, he worked on them! I am very amazed because after 3 sessions, my scars actually are receding by both ends.

As usual, here is the recovery process again!

20 October: Fresh after laser procedure
23 October
26 October
29 October
3rd November

As Dr Chua believes in a holistic approach, he has also prescribed me with the Skin Repair Essence for aftercare. Of the 40-50 tattoo removals a month, 80% of his clients utilize it for post-laser healing process. In fact, he has even appeared in various media,and even embarked on a community partnership at the Boy’s Home to help those inked to remove their tattoos and get their foot back in society. Talk about giving back!

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If you are one of the inked like me and choose to remove your tattoo too, you can head down to Drs Chua and Partners for a consultation or removal session.

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