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Remember when I told you I would share with you guys something about Dr Kevin Chua’s cause? Here it is!

Dr. Kevin Chua from Drs Chua & Partners has embarked on a community partnership with Singapore Boys’ Home to provide his expertise in tattoo removal to troubled youths on a pro bono basis after engaging in a pilot project with the Home. Facilitation of the boys’ reintegration into the community is the underlying principle forming the partnership between Dr. Kevin Chua and the Singapore Boys’ Home.

Back in the days of tribalism, tattoos are a form of identity or used as ranking in a particular tribe. Then, it has evolved in the modern day as a form of identity in gangsterism and to certain extent, a form or body art. Yet, in some culture in Asia, tattoo remains a stigma. It limits the type of employment one is eligible for and they are always narrow-eyed.

While it is not as easy to change the mindset of our culture, we for one could be the change. Here, Dr Chua and the Singapore Boys Home are giving the boys a chance to start all over on a clean slate. Symbolically, a tattoo free skin is as good as starting life on a fresh page.

The tattoos that most troubled youths requested to be removed are either gang-related tattoos or those done in the heat of the moment. Many of these troubled youths are finding ways to move past the current stage of their lives and to right their wrongs. Tattoo removal provides them with a stepping stone towards that path.

Most boys whom I asked why did they have their bodies inked, many of them said it was because their friends did it too. Peer pressure is real! Some of them were indeed eager to leave their gang, to find a job or get into a school but it is not easy for some of them because of their tattoo. Especially when their tattoo is related to a particular gang.

Many of the boys return to schools or try to find a job after completing their rehabilitation programme but not all face the same fate. Those with tattoos on visible parts of their body like hands, neck, and face have more difficulty getting accepted back into schools or secure a job because the tattoos are a symbol of stigma.

Hence, this pilot project that started in April 2016 was undertaken to test the feasibility of conducting tattoo removal service within the Home and to gather feedback from the youths who have benefitted from this project. The pilot proved to be a tremendous success with 11 youths asking for their tattoos to be removed within the first month and this number increased to 20 in the second month.

Drawing from his past experiences from interacting with patients requesting for tattoo removal, Dr. Kevin Chua understands the positive impact that tattoo removal has on individuals. Propagating the positive impact, Dr. Kevin Chua wish that the service he renders to the troubled youths will assist them in taking a second chance in life.

The thing about these boys is that some of them would like to start over and we as a community should be welcoming and embrace their will to change for the better. We cannot expect abrupt change, just as how we cannot adapt to sudden change. As a stepping stone, we should be supportive to drive these boys into leading a more positive life!

If you are curious about laser treatment, it is painless although some claimed it has a stinging sensation from the laser, after which, a type of moisturizer is applied to the skin for recovery. Non invasive, and it work wonders!

Cost is usually the main factor for consideration when deciding on tattoo removal services. The number of sessions required for the complete removal of a tattoo range between 3 to 12 sessions – 3 to 6 sessions if using PicoWay Laser and 8 to 12 sessions if using Medlite C6.

By providing pro bono tattoo removal service, Dr. Kevin Chua hopes to lift the burden of the families who are trying to help their children regain their footing in society. Through his work, Dr. Kevin Chua wants to contribute to society and let these troubled youths understand that their future is still shining brightly and they can forge their own path without being shackled to their past deeds.

Let’s hope this project could help our future generation be a part of the community, and build a better nation together! In the light of upcoming National Day celebration, we must be conscious that integration is more than just having different races together but also people with different past.

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